Ashwa-Chitramala (The Horse Series) shows the clear evidence of a journey of a painter who is now becoming an artist

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Dinkar Jadhav, through this series, has successfully and emphatically created a place of his own in the upcoming new art age. His horses’ breaths life, spreads energy and haunts the minds of the spectators. These horses symbolize the passion for loving, struggle for living and spirit of freedom.

 Artist Dinkar Jadhav

Along with these horses, the Sun and the Moon which appears regularly in these pictures illuminate the space with the basic emotions and the feelings of eternal romance. Jadhav uses the patches of colors to communicate his inner anguish and his adept brush strokes ignite fiery strength on the canvas.  He is advancing on his self-chosen path of realization where only a true artist dares to walk on. For more details visit  


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